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May 2012: Unwoman presents Beautiful Fish, a tour documentary.

Order the DVD or download the free mini-soundtrack here:

Featured Fashion & Crafts

Tattoos (piano keys, lock) Black Heart Tattoo (Nick Rodin)
Lock & Key Necklace Fable & Fury
Various Clothing Items Five & Diamond
Ship Hat House of Wormwood
Pearl Neovictorian Necklace (Worn at absinthe party) Michaelina Zmijewski
Store Where Bone Earrings Purchased Paxton Gate
Tentacle Earrings Suzanne Forbes
White Feathered Hairpiece Wicked Smileys

Musicians and Other People

Steampunk Band (Performing) Abney Park
Amazing Singer-Cellist (Hallway Conversation) Ashia Grzesik
Musician (On Panel) Curtis Eller
Musician (On Panel) Harlan Glotzer (Toy Box Trio)
Music Curator Jordan Bodewell
Airship Ambassador (Great resource website) Kevin Steil
Musician (also performed at The Lovecraft, not pictured) Myrrh Larsen
Pagan Metal-ish Band (Background) Pandemonaeon
Steampunk Band (also performing, not pictured) The Clockwork Dolls
Steampunk/Cabaret Band (Performing) Vagabond Opera
Steampunk Band (Performing) Vernian Process

Venues, Hotels, Restaurants

Nightclub in Portland Fez Ballroom and Lounge
Restaurant of Great Sushi and Disgusting Sea Urchin Masu Sushi
Restaurant of Delicious Tacos Por Que No? Tacos, Portland, OR
Steampunk Convention (Seattle, WA) Steamcon
Bar in Portland, OR The Lovecraft Bar
Rock Club & Bar in Oakland, CA The Uptown Nightclub